Cut N Shoot Crafted

Home-brewed greatness from the sticks.

Brewed a Barleywine today. The Original Gravity for this beer is pictured. It may not end up at 15%, however it should be pretty close. 79 IBU’s also!!
About to commence baking 100% pumpkin for the Pumpkin Ale I’ll be brewing tomorrow.
Transferring the 5 gallon portion, of an 8 gallon batch, of my Maple Brown Ale into the secondary fermenter. I added a half a cup of Jim Beam Black for an added flavor.
Bottled my “Chocolate Stout Morning Wood” yesterday and the labels came in today. I tasted a non-carbonated sample and it’s very tasty. 3 weeks in the bottle should do it justice. I can’t wait.

Brew Day aka Labor Day

With having Labor Day off from I took the opportunity to brew a Maple Brown Ale I derived from my new Beer Smith software. There are 8 gallons total and 3 of those have an added kick of additional grade B Maple Syrup, vanilla beans, and some Jim Beam Black. Both of these will remain in the primary fermenters for 3 weeks before going into bottles. It’s a little test to see if I can achieve clarity without placing into a secondary carboy. We’ll see. The estimated gravity for this brew is about 7.5%, but that doesn’t include the bourbon I added to the side project. I had an assistant yesterday for the brewing; Jaclyn helped transfer after the mash out was completed and during the chilling process. Always appreciative.

Racking the “Stout Morning Wood” into the secondary fermenter.
Setting up the new brew kettle in our western division.
Tasting the Vanilla Porter nearly 6 months after the brew dare. It’s very robust and smokey. Almost all of the vanilla has subsided to leave a crisp porter, but did not meet expectations. Back to the drawing board with this one.
Blackberry Cream Ale by Cut N Shoot Crafted.
Support HB-660 so local brewpubs can flourish in a state riddled with subpar beer laws.
Tasting our Milk Chocolate Stout after 2 weeks of carbonating in the bottle. Another month in the fridge and these will be grand.
Our porter is a more robust porter with organic vanilla beans from Madagascar added during the secondary fermentation.
Pouring the Vanilla Porter Potty for a taste. It’s a couple of weeks away folks.
Future Cut N Shoot Crafted sponsor automobile?